Air & Gas

Activated Carbon has been used for over a century for gas filtration. The porous composition gives a large surface area, which attracts and traps the unwanted contaminate molecules. This eliminates them from the air stream.

Chemical reagents are attached to impregnated carbons in a consistent manner, throughout the carbon formation, this results in specific contaminants traveling through the treated carbon and causing a reaction, and therefore being eliminated.

The highly microporous structure of ACF carbons is especially appropriate for the removal of small molecules, such as volatile organic compounds. The carbon filter activity is very accurately specified for specific applications, and their properties deliver a hardy structure which is resistant to rough usage.

With air filter design, it is critical to accurately balance the requirement to maximise gas sorption capacity whilst minimising flow resistance. ACF Carbon filters are offered in a wide range of size ranges to allow the filter designer to optimise the specification and properties.


  • Removal of contaminants from exhaust gases
  • Collective protection filters for marine, vehicles and buildings
  • Fume cupboards used in universities, schools, hospitals, and industrial laboratories
  • Compressed air filters for high purity industrial or breathing air
  • Removal of specified contaminants during nuclear power generation operations.
  • Gas purification in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries

ACF offer a wide range of Carbon Filters suit a diverse range of applications.

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